GTB - General Terms of Business

§ 1 – General

These General Terms of Business apply for all work that the company AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen, Sonnenstr. 23, 80331 Munich carries out for its clients. The GTB shall apply within the framework of an ongoing business relationship, even if not expressly included, for all future orders, quotes, deliveries and services.

§ 2 – Conclusion of Contract

On the basis of the information and data provided by the client, AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen shill prepare a quote for preparing a translation. With regular clients, the work is frequently carried out without any explicit quote, since the terms and conditions are known.
The acceptance of this quote or the oral or written placing of an order marks the start of the translation contract between the client and AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen on the basis of the conditions set out in the quote or the conditions already known.

§ 3 – Payment

Payment shall be made on the basis of the number of words in the target language and taking into account the language combination, level of difficulty and specialist field of the translation or as a flat rate.
Additional agreed services shall be billed with a supplement or on the basis of time. Certification, text entry, printing and typesetting work, formatting and converting, proof reading and urgency supplements shall be billed separately on the basis of time or as agreed.
In the event of a cancellation by the client, work already completed shall be billed at 100% and the remaining work at 50%, which shall be at least at the minimum order rate for the language in question.
Unless otherwise agreed, invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

§ 4 – Usage rights

AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen shall transfer to the client the rights of exploitation and use of the translation without limit of time, content or place along with any other property rights in the translation.
If test translations are provided free of charge, all usage rights shall remain with AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen. The free test translation may only be used by the client for the purpose of evaluating the translation work, and not for any other purposes. We also expressly prohibit the publication of such test translation unless an employee of AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen has expressly agreed to this in writing.

§ 5 – Acceptance and warranty

The client shall check the provided translation immediately for errors. Complaints must be made in writing immediately in the event of obvious defects; complaints about concealed defects must be submitted immediately upon discovery.
If no official complaint is made within 10 days at the latest, the translation is considered to be in accordance with the contract and to have been accepted.
The client is liable for defects in the source text.

§ 6 – Liability

AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen shall not be liable for imprecise, unclear, incomplete, defective and incorrect information or terms within the source texts, original documents, information and specialist terminology provided by the client.
No liability is accepted for delays or shortcomings caused by incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or illegible information provided by the client.
Defects in one part of the translation cannot under any circumstances form the basis for questioning the work as a whole.

§ 7 – Confidentiality

AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen shall maintain confidentiality regarding the information about the client obtained within the scope of the contractual relationship along with documents and materials provided and undertakes not to use these or sell them to third parties without express written consent unless this is necessary in order to fulfil the contract. Forwarding to third parties for the purpose of translation is allowed. AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen undertakes to bind these third parties to secrecy.

§ 8 – Final provisions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.
The place of fulfilment is the company headquarters of AfÜ – Agentur für Übersetzungen. The legal venue for all disputes arising out of the contractual relationship is Munich.